OT Katahdin

Came across a used one of these. Noticed it is fiberglass.

Can I assume fiberglass boats are mainly for lakes, etc. as impact with a hard surface might cause it to crack?

OT fiberglass boats are reasonably
sturdy, repairable. But I wouldn’t buy one if I planned to use it mainly on whitewater. Better look for Royalex.

It’s got a keel, no?
Nothing wrong with fiberglass, but, as g2 said, probably not the best moving-water hull. Good for flat if you watch the shallows though.

family canoe
I would plan to run this mainly on various lakes…but I think the depth is only 12" so I’m wondering thoughts on this for stability and a “family canoe” (with little kids) compared to a Tripper or Discovery

My vote is to find a used
Tripper. Not the best if it is empty on a windy lake - but certainly serviceable. But it is a great general purpose canoe. Rugged as heck. Sort of a pick up truck for rivers and lakes.

I’ll go along with that.

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Like I said on the other thread, it shouldn't be hard to do if you are serious about it. Put a "wanted to buy" on CL and don't buy the first beat old boat that presents itself. Be patient. Money talks...

I think your heart's in the right place, Kimo. Canoeing with my kids was something I'll never regret and something they'll never forget.

This one?

Looks like a pretty good deal to me. For lakes and wide, flat rivers. Don’t let the 12" depth scare you - that actually helps you in the wind. That and the keel makes it suitable for lakes, but not so much for rivers.

Not much of a picture - but if it’s in very good to excellent shape, that’s a good price.

With 3 kids, it’ll be tight.
But the money’s right, if as advertised, and the OP just wants to get out on flat water. He could always trade up for short money, otherwise.

Forgot about the three kids thing.
Probably a nice canoe at a decent price, Kimo - but not the best for your needs. Think a little bigger.

OT Fiberglass Katahdin
My inlaws have a 12’ Katahdin that I found used for them. It is fiberglass and weighs around 55 lbs. It is really a little cottage canoe for coves and ponds and such, but it is very well made. The 16’ is similarly flat bottomed and keeled I think. The craigslist ad listed in this thread suggests 49 lbs which seems strangely light unless its a kevlar boat.

This boat is probably fine for what you are doing. It should have lots of initial stability, but won’t be as seaworthy or river friendly as a Tripper or Explorer

short with weight = can be twitchy
Go longer if you can find. Longer waterline helps with efficiency and can help with additional stability as well.

Katahdin has a strong layup,
what length are you lookin at?

The Katahdin is a 16 footer… I think … but the guy says its 49 pounds which is incorrect according to OT customer service. They say the 16’ is 72 pounds and the 14’ is 65 pounds…so there is a probably here.

I almost bought a Blem Discovery 169 today, but may just upgrade to a Tripper 172. I’m hearing a lot of good things about them. A Penobscot 17RX too is attractive…too many choices… :slight_smile: It’s fun to research though…

Research the reviews,
although a couple demo day events would be better.

Check into a 17’ aluminum, as well.

Good luck!