OT Learned something new today about garage door openers

Our garage door opener started working intermittently . I had recently replaced a bulb with an LED bulb but didn’t make the correlation.
The repair guy said that LED bulbs can interfere with the wifi signal. Bulb changed, problem over. Not a cheap lesson.

Was it an older garage door opener? Had electrical storms ever caused it to operate, ie open the door without you operating it?

We had an old door opener that would do that. Wake up in the morning and find the door open after and electric storm.

We had to replace it, and now that never happens. And, I have put one LED bulb in the door opener itself, which has a two bulb ceiling light built in, and have not had any problems. I was planning on replacing the other bulb in the garage door opener fixture with an LED too. Thanks for reporting this, I will now know what to be aware of when I do.

I have a LED bulb in my garage, but my garage door opener is old and dumb. :relaxed:

Years ago (1970’s) when I was in USAF flight training in California, it was discovered that our onboard radar altimeter (which was aimed straight down) would open garge doors as we flew over them. So we had to turn off the altimeter whenever flying over a city.

The bulb was on the opener. The ultimate test was my wife tried to it from her car and it worked.

You should have just come to us, your paddling family, with this dilemma. I for example could even direct you to the best bulbs to use in your garage door opener.

Which bulbs? Thanks.

Genie LED Garage Door Opener Bulbs (2-Pack) / 60 Watt Equivalent (800 Lumens) – Made to Minimize Interference with Garage Door Openers (Compatible with All Major Garage Door Opener Brands) – 2 Pack

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A year or two back, our wifi stopped working. It was intermittent, so it took a while (including changing out a router) to figure out that it was related to the bulb and dimmer combo. Finally switched to a new bulb and all is good now.

Even further OT, we were using LED bulbs with a clear globe and the decorative “filament-like” emitters for our porch lights. We had problems with frequent false alerts for motion detection from our Ring doorbell camera. For kicks, I tried switching to the more common LED bulbs with the frosted white globe and the false alerts stopped.