OT Loon Owners/Paddle ?

What paddle do you use make/model? Interested in knowing which blade width/length moves this boat efficiently in both lake paddling and river running.

I believe
you will find that it is the paddler that moves a kayak “efficiently” and not so much what paddle he or she is using :slight_smile: Practice, practice, practice.


For my self I
like a wide blade, but its all what ya like or works for your body type/paddling style. I like a large paddle area cause on narrow rivers I don’t get many strokes to manuver around strainers, ect. I use a RS Magic.

230cm Werner Rec Tour
I also have a 230cm Aquabound Sequel which is heavier.

I’ve used
a couple of different blades. A Werner Rec Tour @ 230 cm is a nice paddle. I found it a bit short for my tastes. I’ve also used a Carlisle Magic @ 240 cm. I like this paddle a lot. Bigger blades than the Werner; seems to move the Loon better. It’s the one I use most often. Recently tried my canoe double bladed paddle with the Loon. Wow!! The longer length, I think they are 270 cm, and bigger blades really get the Loon cruising without a lot of effort and no paddle drips in the cockpit.

I’ve used 220 for tight, twisty rivers, but you’ll bang your knuckles a lot. Better to use at least a 230. I never tried a paddle longer than this, since I usually paddle rivers where too long of a paddle could be trouble. I could see using one longer than 230 on lakes and wide, rivers with this boat. WW

Mostly flat water

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I use a Bending Branches Infusion Dream bent shaft at 230. Pevious posters are right that technique is more imortant than paddle for the non-competitive purpose of the Loon. (Mine is the Loon 138.) The 230 works OK with my 6' height and long arms. The bent shaft is really sweet for my elbows. I paddled a bunch over this last weekend and no tendonitis pain.

That said, you can also use a canoe paddle if you have a mind to. I can easily turn my Loon toward the paddling side with J-strokes. There's nothing esoteric or mysterious about a J-stroke. My reserve paddle is an old canoe paddle. (Haven't measured it, can't give the details.)

230cm Aquabound Seaclude
I really enjoy this paddle. It is quite rugged and has taken tons of abuse, yet the two halves fit together like it was new.

I have two of these, one is 220 and the other 230. They can be combined into a 225. On long trips, I use the 230 going down river, but often change to a shorter length crossing lakes or fighting wind.

By the way, the Seaclude is narrower than the Seaquel already mentioned. This can be a plus for long trips.

I use a canoe paddle with my Loon 138 quite a bit. Works great in tight spots.

From your posts
I have read it sounds like we have several things in common. Maybe good fortune will find us on the same water someday. Tight lines.