OT Loon seat parts

I acquired a nice used Old Town Loon, probably 1990’s vintage and the “stoppers”, or whatever they’re called, that fit onto the seat sliders to keep the seat from sliding back are missing. Believe me, I’ve tried Old Town/Johnson Camping and get zero response. I suppose I could drill the sliders and create a permanent stopper with bolts, but prefer to have an adjustment. Any Loon owners out there have a solution or a website to go to? Thanks—happy paddling.

easy fix
Go to Office Deport and get two extra large paper binder clips that will fit over the bars. Holds, yet fully adjustable.

Get a 1"(ish) long peice of PVC tubing that slips over the seat rails, drill and tap(thread)a hole and screw in a lock screw. It will look pretty close to the original.

I got an e-mail response for you.
The time I contacted them for foot pegs for my Loon I got very good service. This time I used a contact link from their website to see if I would get a response after reading your post. Hopefully Jon can help you. Let us know how it goes. Don’t forget to write down the serial number before you call. Here is the response I received when I contacted them about someone wanting to get in touch with them about parts for a Loon seat attachment:

Thank you for the email. Please feel free to have them give us a call with the serial number of their kayak and any of our reps will be able to assist. I hope this helps. Thanks again and have a great day.


Jon Ballesteros

Customer Service Representative

Johnson Outdoors Watercraft

Old Town, Carlisle, Ocean Kayak, Necky, & Extrasport

Tel: 1-800-343-1555


Loon seat stopper
I couldn’t believe the paper binder clips would work. I had a couple laying around the house, clipped them on the seat tubes and bingo! Pushing back on the seat puts pressure on the clips and they grip even tighter. Great idea…thanks.