OT Next canoe.

Does anyone know where Old Town is planning to price their new low profile pack type canoe, the Next? They’ve got some flashy marketing going and are obviously targeting the rec kayak demographic. I’m skeptical of that high backed sling seat and the weight (49 lbs for a 13’ pack canoe?). But I imagine if they can get the price well below $1000 they will sell a bunch of them. Nice colors, anyway…

The OT Next has 3 layer Poly I think
And to my knowledge it’s $999. Makes me wonder how thin those layers are because 3 layer poly is usually heavier than that. But so far it has good reviews. If this whole kayak seat thing doesn’t end up working out for me this boat might be an option actually. We shall see, I’m doing some new stretches for sciatic problems so I have hopes of keeping the kayak and just the tandem OT Camper canoe.

Fills niche

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I bought Disco 119 last year mostly because the price was right compared to other solos that were longer narrower such as Mohawk Odyssey or Mad River Freedom.
I have been looking at putting in a seat like the Next has similar to what a lot of SOT kayaks now have ( such as Jackson Or Native) and foot pegs. Those type seats aren't cheap so the $999 Price doesn't surprise me .
Next is good looking with some nice feature wish I could have waited and been able to afford one.