OT Pack for a big guy?

I’m looking for a solo canoe and was wondering if the Pack would be ok for a 330lb fella? I’m new to paddling and am looking for a canoe for creeks and small lakes. Was at Dicks and saw the Kay-noe(by OT) and liked the looks but it weighs 43lb and I liked the sound of the Pack at 33lbs. Plus, wouldn’t Royalex hold up better over the years? OT told me that the Kay-noe was single-layer polyethelene. Also, typically, do the canoes really come in at the manufacturers listed weights? Seems like the only thing not to like is the MSRP. I wouldn’t mind lowering/removing the seat to something else if it made it work better at my weight. What do you think?

I have owned a Pack
While my weight is less (200 lbs), I think a Pack could hold your weight (it is within OTs recommendations) but probably not a lot extra. Here is my take on the pros and cons of the Pack:


Extremely light (mine did weigh in at 33 pounds)

Quite maneuverable (partially due to it’s shortness)

Good initial stability

Royalex is durable


Too small to haul much (I used mine for fishing and found it just too short - persobnal preference)

Fairly slow

Not as easy to paddle straight from the middle seat (partially due to it’s width)

I sold my pack and purchased a longer solo for my fishing platform. Watch Ebay and the want-ads as used Packs come up periodically.


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I'd probably use a 2-blade and buy the Angler edition. I think the seat is a little lower also, and I think I'd prefer that seat compared to the wood/webbed seat. It seems crazy but I'm not fond of green, and would likely go for the tan color.

The 2-blade would help the paddling process over a single paddle wouldn’t it?


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Also, I'm kinda stuck on that 33lbs. It would be great for a couple of small lakes that are fairly steep hauling it up and down to. But, I don't want to buy a canoe that doesn't work for me no matter what the price is.

Double blade
I have used a double blade and it does add some control and speed. My personal preference is a single blade paddle. Be sure to get a long double blade due to the width of the canoe and be prepared for a wetter ride due to water dripping from the paddle shaft.

I fish lots of very tight areas full of flooded timber and one problem I had was my rods were always sticking beyond the bow of the canoe and were more suscepitable to getting damaged. That is one reason I prefer a longer solo.