OT painting a House

Ok this is OT, but i have a dumb question, Why cant you paint a House in the winter? (Exterior) will the paint not cure or what? My Dads house needs a paint Job and i thought i would surprise him while he is on vacation? Temps are in the mid 50s. Weather wise its cold and clear this time of year.

Most paint says not to use it below 50.
If it was 50 and the humidity low,I’d go for it.

Paint doesnt cure
below 45.

From a painting website I read that if you dont mind doing it again in the spring and watching the paint slide off now…go for it.

We have done small areas right around 50 that were in the sun. Otherwise we would never be able to paint as the season is too short.

Of course now I found a spot that needs paint. Its seven degrees.

Ok Thanks
That’s about what I thought. The Long story is that my 84 year old dad wants his “ladder” back so he can paint his house; I keep the ladder to keep my DAD from doing stuff like that!! He still thinks he’s 6’ tall and bullet proof! Anyway I thought I would surprise him by doing it while he is off visiting some friends in Kansas. Besides its MUCH MUCH easier to do jobs with out him underfoot, I know he means well, but he just gets in the way, and will offer all kinds of constructive criticism. L when he first mentioned his house about a week ago, I told him it’s too cold to paint. But of course my hard headed dad gets fixated on something and he won’t be deterred. Of course just about ALL his projects that he starts I wind up finishing, so I just figured I would go ahead and knock it out. I have much better things to-do this time of year then to paint my dads house, but I sure am not going to let HIM paint it…

Old fashioned myth

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A house needs to be washed and prepared for painting.

...paint depends on mfg recommendations. Although some commercial paint recommendations use good quality we are painting block walls and exterior trim on a Target Superstore in 40 degree weather.

Just make sure the paint will dry before it freezes.

The biggest problem with painting a house in winter is that wood usually needs caulking which needs time (usually 24 hours) before it dries and can be primed/painted.

At least you won't get pollen. If there is any bare dirt areas and it is a little windy spraying the dirt with a water hose will help.

Don't start too early in the morning and don't paint too late into the evening as the paint will take an hour or two to dry properly.

Paint on

Hey Wayne…
Can I adopt you ?

We just put a dining room addition on the house and used pine lap siding.

Did the first coat to get it protected a few weeks ago, but would very much like to get a second coat on before spring.

I am old and could very easily fall off the ladder and break my torcuss, and besides it is so cold up here, my hands would stick to the aluminum rungs.

Can I get the adoption papers working ?

Seriously: you are a son to be admired – Good job!



Thanks Jack, but one Dad is enough!! Unless of course I was to get some kind of “Allowance” and travel reimbursements ect ect… For the right price I would let anybody adopt me… L

Hey Jack,

…for one of your fleet I would consider caulking, sanding and painting.

Stay warm and we’ll get together soon.


I thought about that, but i all ready have Two 700s, besides Jack’s is too bright for me.

so we had to do a quick stain of the deck last May and it took days for it to cure…it was borderline 50 a little up and down… It was flat so the paint didnt go anywhere and all we had to do was avoid testing it too often.

However its full of chipmunk prints! Those guys do not obey rules.

Golden Retriver & concrete driveway

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...it was finished, broomed and beautiful until this dog ran down the middle of the full 135 foot length. Just about the time we had it refinished the dog reappeared and made a last run across it but I caught him this time and time him to a tree, read his tag and called the owner. The owner was an idiot too, when she arrived driving she pulled in between the cones at the bottom of the driveway and buried the front of her Mercedes in 6" deep wet concrete. Tow truck pulled her out and I charged her $1,500.00 on the spot to refinish the concrete which she paid. I had already called the police who enjoyed the scene with me.

Wait for warm
I did some painting a few years back at just about this time of year. We get fifty-plus days this time of year and I painted it on a day when the high was about 55. Nights were considerably cooler. Painted on the north side of the house, the sun never hits it. We had a string of days with highs in the mid 50’s, and I was using a good quality latex paint. About a week later we had some rain and that paint ran, and it ran every time it rained until we had some hot days.

I’m thinking it will depend some on the paint you use, but I suggest waiting for some warmer weather.


There are “cold weather paints” …
… that are able to be applied and cure properly down to 34* F.

You must be certain that temps. will not reach freezing within 24 hrs. after application .

The main concern when using these paints is the evening condensation that could form on the surface as temps. lower , which in turn can run and leave streaks … daytime or expected humidy is the factor there .

I went out and looked at his house yesterday, its NOT that bad, heck mine needs a paint job more then his, fortunately for both of us our houses are brick, so i am only talking about painting the trim and eves.however I plan on waiting tell it warms up in about two or 3 months.

Just remember, Pollen loves wet paint

…regardless of mfg.

Happy painting,


and we have a TON of that in the spring, lots of Pine trees in the area…