OT patfinder info?

I have a chance to pick up nice deal on a lightly used OT Pathfinder in Royalex but it’s 2 hours away. From my quick research, I gather it’s 14’10", 36" beam and 57#. I also think I read that it’s “flat bottomed”. Anybody out there have any first hand or ‘catalog " knowledge of the boat? Is it basicly a older version of a 15’ Camper? Tru flat bottom? Any idea on specs, hull design/performance appreciated.

Here’s some first-hand info…

Paddled One Once
Paddled it solo only. My impressions are slow, stable, and oilcans a lot. I’ve paddled wider tandems solo that didn’t seem as slow. But, for fishing, you don’t need speed anyway. I didn’t like the constant oilcanning in the one I paddled, however. There’s a lot of boats I’d choose over this one, but if it’s cheap and it fits your needs…WW