OT Predator 111, 138 or 140

Has anyone on this board rented or purchased one of these boats. I was thinking about getting one for duck hunting & fishing.

check reviews for
the loon 111, 138, and the twin otter. I’ve owned a loon 138 and loved it for fishing. Its a great compromise boat - turns good with a lean, good speed, tracks good, lots of room, really good in the shallows, high capacity. But I wouldn’t say its great at a lot just good at most.

Loon 138
We have one. Ordered the skirt for it too. Great boat. Had it for 5 years now. The hull design harkens back to many old gun boat designs in a smaller package. You can get anchoring options as well from Old Town for this boat.


Sliding seat for weight shifting (forward for into winds, back for following winds, back to mid-ships for tracking on flats, back for excellent turning in rivers (you will not have to lean this boat to turn it… spins on a dime if your seat is back and you have a good sweep).


Poly-link is great for banging around.

57 pounds… I can one arm it up onto my shoulder and walk away with it it’s balanced so well.


Can’t say enough.

Good luck with your choice! Try to demo a few makes and models. We hear great stuff here about pungos etc. as well. If your new, please remember your PFD and consider classes.

Owner of a regular OT Loon111
here. Personally speaking, I would buy the regular 111 or 138 and save yourself some bucks by outfitting it yourself. Thats what I did and saved 200 bucks. Plus, I get a boat setup with the rod holders I wanted and an anchor system thats more suited to river fishing (3 lb dumbell) rather than the fluted fold-up type they sell with the Loons. BTW…those things can be very dangerous in moving water and they snag very easily in rock crevieces and on sunken wood. I don’t recommend them.

Buy the L111`
Have to agree,the regular L111 is cheaper and so easy to adapt. Save the bucks and buy yourself a new rod and reel. But I have my own anchoring rig that might interest you. I have a line that I snap on from bow to stern with clips on the carry grips It hangs a little slack on the side of the yak not quite touching the water. Anchor attached to rope is lowered over the side and permitted to float foward or back with the current[ depending on which way you want to face as you fish ] when you feed out what line you want you , you put a loop on a D ring and snap it on your “bow-stern” line, let D-ring move to bow or stern then tie off at the cockpit. This way you are always tied off straight with current just as if you had one of those nusance anchors bouncing on the end of your boat as you paddle around. Hope you visualize what I’m saying here. Tony

Have the Predator 138
Works for me, but the 14 has a bigger cockpit for dekes if you want to haul more than a dozen or so. WW

How much do you weigh?

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I am new to kayaking, and rented the Loon 111, 138, and 160T.

I was 5'10 and 240lbs at the time (dieted down to 200 this winter). I found the Loon 111 fast but very "tippy" and low to the water. The Loon 138 was fast too, but much more stable and enjoyable.

The weight capacities are very different for these two boats. Something to think about, especially with the weight of all your gear.

Good luck!

Good Point
I weigh in at 255 and 6’1" for comparison. Hope that helps. WW

OT 13.8
I have had both boats and the 11.11 was iffy in choppy water for me. This is my second 13.8, my son made off with my first one, but with six seasons on it I got my money back. On my new 13.8, I have mounted four scotty flush mount holders for my flys rods in the front. The back two I use for a Cabela’s anchor mount which will hold up to 20 pounds. I use a four pound down rigger weight and it works well. I troll streamer flys and have an onboard hummingbird fish finder. They can run, but they can’t hide. I live in Northern California where trout and salmon are kings. But we have a small resevoir near Santa Nella called O’Neil’s that gave up a 65 pound striper to a float tuber last year. He was using a Clouser Minnow tied on an eagle claw 413 jig hook.

For duck hunting though…
…you gotta love the camo…

"Flush mounts for fly rods"HUH?