OT: Shipping a Vehicle Cross Country

Any one have any advice on shipping a vehicle from northern Alabama to southern Oregon?

My Dad passed away and left a 2002 Honda with 15,000 miles on it, and I want to give it to my son for graduation.

It has been sitting up for over a year now, so I really don’t want to have someone drive it cross country for me.

It is still insured, but the registration has lapsed.

RV camper transporters?
There are small independents who shuttle rv trailers for manufactures and dealers. No idea if they would do this kind of work, but if memory serves me well there is a hard side pop up company in Oregon called “Chalet” and they might have a dealer your way that they have to ship to.

Moving company
All of the moving companies (United Van lines, Beekmans, North American, etc.) ship vehicles.

Call one up and ask for a quote.

Let the boy drive anyway !!!
Own car, lots of road ahead, maps , new places … not much better than that.

His Mother Would Kill Me!

I shipped a Nissan
I shipped my old car from TN to Long Beach…I think it was 700 bucks. Would’ve cost that much in gas/hotel for me to drive it.

It was through some car hauler company that used the standard 18 wheeler cage style 2 tier trailers.

You just have to be ready when they pass through town, even if it means meeting him in a grocery store lot at 3 in the morning.

About $1,200 To Ship
I Googled and came up with some companies, and several quotes. All run about $1,200.

But that is not much more than cost of plane ride, lodging, and food for two for four days, and gas.

And I just can’t be away from work for two weeks right now…

Car transportes

Here’s what I would do…

Go to E-bay Motors and find a ‘friendly’ looking car dealer in Alabama, near the car’s location. Be frank, and ask him who he reccomends to taransport cars. .

Cost $600.00 from Florida to Phildadelphia as an example.

Good luck

hard trip
Its a hard trip, but it can be done in 5-6 days, depending on willingness to go without sleep. Tow dollies, if you haul your own cost a bit as do car hauling trailers so you might be best off finding a way to ship.