OT Sport Canoe 14 Ft - What kind is it?

My son bought a green OT Sport 14 ft canoe with the numbers 111 in green funny font on each side from a man in a truck on the James River for $200. It came with two paddles and a couple of life jackets. Can anyone tell me what kind of Old Town canoe this is and if my son got taken. Thanks!


reviews mean very little
There are reviews on here of the Old Town Sport 14’ canoe.


Without any photos I don’t think anybody could tell you whether this was a good purchase or not. Post some shots on a photo sharing site like Flickr and paste a link to them in your post so folks can see what you’ve got.

OT Sport Canoe 111 What kind is it?
I will take a couple of pictures of this canoe and do what you suggested. Thank you very much!


Just got off the water with one today
A guy in our group had that very boat. Has the “cooler”/ 3rd seat in the center and the two end seat have the molded in post that touch the floor. It’s identical to my Old Town Sportsman, and now they have a boat like that made by Johnson Outdoors.

What kind of PFD and paddles? If they are aluminum paddles or “Featherlite” brand from Wally World and Orange horse collar life jackets then $200 would be at the high end of fair price. Better paddles or PFDs sweetens the deal.

Watch for wear where the seat post hits the deck. Store it upside and not in the sun, it’s going to be hog backed eventually if it’s not already.

I would say he didn’t get burned in the deal but I wouldn’t brag about it either. I think I paid 400 or 450 new for my Sportsman 7 years ago.

Ot 111
Old Town’s 111 designation, like many other brands means eleven feet, one inch. Measure the boat to make sure, if it’s indeed 14 feet long, who knows what the 111 means, maybe the wrong decal, or the 4 may be worn off. The Sports we sold years ago at my job were simple plastic boats, eager to scratch and bump rocks with little or no damage. Sounds like a deal.