OT - Steering cable f/outboard?

OK, maybe it is not good to admit here, but we do have an outboard motor on our pontoon boat. The steering cable is pretty bound up and needs to be replaced. I know there are different styles, and we can narrow down what to get.

Does anybody here have suggestions where to buy this from? Good quality is important, but so is a good price.

Thanks alot for your tolerance!

cYa, Jim

Oh No!
You will need the type that fits your engine and of the same length. If it a manual telescoping type and bound up at the engine, which happens from non use or proper lubrication, you may have a nasty job getting the old one off the engine.

Check with your local engine dealer.

just a shot
but did you try West Marine?

Steering cable
I’m primarily looking for suggestions of places to buy this. For example, I know Bass Pro Shops has the length and type we need, and I am pretty sure their quality would be good. But I don’t know if their price is ok or not.

If anybody has experiences with good sources having good prices, I’d appreciate hearing your reccomendations.

And now for some paddling content… We’re heading up to northern WI with 6 kayaks and a canoe for a final weekend of playing in the water. Record breaking temps in the 80’s are forecast. Certainly not typical October weather, but we’ll take it! Some years, this Oct weekend trip has been in snow and the 20’s.

cYa, Jim