OT Stillwater or Royalex Camper?

I have the chance to buy a 7 year old Stillwater in pretty great condition for $4H…looks hardly used. My brother recommends a Camper in Royalex instead due to my yearly river trip. I have a 2 year old and want to get her on the water in something she can enjoy…so stability is a MUST! We will only be on Falls Lake. I would be the only one to take it on the New River near Mouth of Wilson maybe once a year…most weekends on the lake with Wifey and the Doodle. What does the jury say about this opportunity?



PS - haven’t been on for awhile…very busy with life’s crap…but want to get back on the water bad.

If you like the Camper, you can pick them up pretty cheap at Dicks Sporting Goods right now. I bought a 15’ Camper for $600.00 there last week.

Wow, that’s a deal on the Camper. Dick’s must have gotten a lot of seconds where you are. I have a 16ft Camper and no one in the S.C. area sells them for less than $1195.00. By the way, to answer the first posters question, the camper -at least the 16ft version - is very stable.

I initially thought of the Stillwaters I have seen and was about to say Camper, hands down due to the extreme width of the Stillwater.

However, a quick visit to the OT website shows two more models. Of interest is the 16-foot Stillwater that is only 36-inches wide, just like the Camper.

So, if we’re talking about the 16-foot and not the 12- or 14-footers which are extremely wide, I’d save the money and get the 16-foot Stillwater.

A similar question arises about the Camper. Is it the traditional 16-footer or their new 15-footer, which may be a bit tender for a family with young children?

Stillwater and Camper
The Stillwater is 16’, the Camper is 15’.

I’m drawn to the Stillwater but am concerned about some of the comments above. But 36" is 3’ on any boat and so I’m not sure it matters here. The camper seems heavier to me but the specs say it weighs less.

What do you mean by “tender”?


Camper weight is 58lbs
The 16ft camper, is 58lbs. Very manageable. The stillwater is around 65lbs.

Stillwater is more shiny
If you’re drawn to that one, just get it and enjoy it.

always drawn to the shiny things…nm

somehow I knew that’s what drew you
Most of us have multiple boats. The first one doesn’t matter that much. Just make yourself happy, whatever that is for you.

that’s right !!
If my first canoe was the perfect canoe I wouldn’t have five more hanging from the rafters … and I love every one of them, even the first, which in retrospect, was probably a “mistake”.

Besides, you’re only talking a few hundred dollars. Your real fun, gotta-have-that-boat no-matter-what-it-costs hasn’t really yet begun.

tender [defined]
Tender is a boat that your wife will never feel comfortable in, especially with a young child, due to it’s tippiness.

The 16-foot camper is not tippy, and 15-foot canoes are great day-paddlers for two, but if you load up a 15-footer with more bodies and gear you are going to have initial stability issues.

excellent prices
I don’t know about them being seconds, but I called around three or four Dicks. Most of the stores had them for $699.00, but the store priced them $599.00

Bought the Stillwater
Just wanted to thank everyone for their input on the boats. The Stillwater 16’ @ 36 in. wide is just perfect and was in better shape than the photos showed. I almost told the guy I felt I wasn’t paying enough. I mean, this thing is virtually new. Maybe a dozen water hours on it.

Anyway, it’s safely tucked away in my shop for the night. Hope to take it out tomorrow evening.

I’ll be looking for some new paddle advice soon. The ones provided are a bit long.



Good move!
Try using a kayak paddle with it. Solo or tandem.

Depending on your height, maybe a 230 or 240.

The Camper would be better for a load of 500

pounds and more, but with less than that, the

Stillwater will suit you fine.

Enjoy, and Happy paddling!