OT - Super Glue on Fingers

I’m posting this here because I’m guessing I’m not the only one who’s done this … I got Super Glue on my fingers while trying to glue the nose thingie back on my glasses. Fortunately, I got the two fingers apart, washed them in soapy water and such and they aren’t sticking to each other or anything else (like the keys on my computer). But I can still kinda see the glue residue on my fingers. Should I do something to get it off or just let it wear away. One finger feels kinds sore, but that might be my imagination – or from ripping skin away when I separated the fingers. I really got to get out of the “do-it-yourself” mode. It’s very dangerous.

It’s worse when it’s skin to skin…
…acetone un-does it.

good stuff
Use it all the time in place of band aids where they probably won’t stick, like on finger tips.

Fro’ de haar’s mout…

skin fall off anyway
Together with the superglue.

Skin regenerate every 7 days or so. That’s why nothing, absolutely nothing will ever be permanent on skin.

Super glue…
The best thing I have used to remove CA on fingers is a pumice stone. Drug stores sell them to smooth rough skin on feet, etc. It takes it right off. It leaves your fingers looking like they have been sanded, but if you are gentle, it works well. It works best on the pads of fingers or palms. The skin on the back of fingers and hands is pretty tender, so be careful on sensitive skin.


Blackboat is right on target!
Acetone works. Some nail polish removers have acetone in them, plus where I worked prior to retirement, we used a lot of loctite and that’s what was used to get it off skin and other items.

I hate to admit
But I did my lips, beer was involved. My buddies though it was funny.