OT Truck Bed Mat

Hi All,

I just bought a 1994 F150 for low money and want to put something on the bed. A little cushion for my boats plus the bed is scraped up a bit and has a couple of small holes. Don’t want to shell out a $100 bucks on a bed mat for this truck. Any of you frugal DIYers have an idea. I know you do.

Roll On Bedliner From Rustoleum
Bought it from Sportsman’s Guide last year. Same stuff you pay hundreds of dollars for to have someone put in for you. Works better than bed mat or liner because it’s permanent. Protects, and unlike mat, will keep rust from occuring. WW

Checker Auto sells some hard rubber mats that interlock like jigsaw puzzle pieces. They are 2’ x 2’ in size and come four to a package for less than $10. At least, that’s what I paid for it.

So if you have an 8’ bed (rarity nowadays), buy two packages and put them down two-up and four-long.

Some people have used carpet padding for their truck beds.

There are lots of possibilities.

sheet of plywood

Currently Using
a sheet of plywood. I did put small spacers, 1x3 slats on the underside of the wood so water can drain out. I wouldn’t use carpet padding as it will soak up water and retain it and rush the rust job that is eventually gonna eat your truck anyway! Good luck.

the roll in bedliner works well.
About $40 at Walmart or elsewhere . ! gal. size. Is messy to apply.

no kidding
when they say use in well-ventilated area…THEY WEREN’T KIDDING. Took two coats of the Herculiner setup on my Dakota. Dad put the first coat on, and it made him sick as a dog. Mind you, this was not in our garage, rather in a shop big enough to hold 4 full semis and 2 straight trucks, with room for another 3-4 pickups. And the drive-in doors were open. Nasty stuff, almost worth the extra $$ for someone else to do it.

waffle rubber mat
I have in the back of my station wagon a red rubber mat with a continuous pattern of hexagonal openings. It is about 3/4" thick. It is designed for restaurant workers to stand on, letting water, etc. go through it. The mat provides cushioning and no-slip protection. Came from Costco / Price Club / Sams type warehouse. Don’t recall cost, but it was cheap. I have been using it for 10 years, and it is like new.

Roll or Spray?
Did you guys roll or spray the bedliner? Was 1 gallon enough?

Neither,I brushed…
Herculiner on with 3" paint brushes.My F-150-8’ bed took 5 quarts to do the bottom, sides and front.


Plywood and styrofoam…
Glue a 4x8 sheet of 2" constrution styrofoam insulation to the 4x8 sheet of plywood. “Weldbond” works well.

Conveyor belt
Scored a large piece of fabric reinforced rubber when the local pulp mill replaced their conveyor belts. It was 5/8" thick and a bear to cut, but nearly indestructable. Also very non-slip, I transported engine blocks without bothering to tie them down.

Why the styrofoam? Slippage?
or protection of bed?

Roll On Rustoleum
Came with a roller in the kit. Used a brush for the more difficult areas and “Touched” it up with the spray. As I recall, it took two “Kits” $29 bucks apiece for the 6’ Silverado and the inside of the tailgate. More than it was supposed to, but I put it on thick. I did it on a warm day OUTSIDE, which I would recommend, due to the fumes. WW

check recycle centers
If you’re in a populated area, check the recycle centers. I made a nice truck bed pad awhile ago out of modular pieces of foam, that fit together like puzzle pieces. Very low cost :slight_smile: