OT-waterproof running shoes?

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Now that our season's winding down, I'm looking forward to some trail running. I have been looking everywhere, for a long time, for waterproof running shoes. Do they exist? I'm not talking about trail runners - they are too stiff & heavy and the aggressive lugs catch on rough terrain.

I have a pair of Ryka cross-trainers that are perfect in every other way, but they're not waterproof or waterproof-able (mesh in the uppers).

Any suggestions?

How about Gortex socks
I googled “Gortex socks” and got lots of listings. Maybe some of them would fit your need.


…hah! Thanks!

Seak Skinz

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Make that Seal Skinz.

They make waterproof socks. I have a pair and they seem to work. You may have to buy a larger shoe size though. NRS has them.

If you are actually running, your feet sweat, that sweat has to go somewhere - primary reason for moisture wicking socks. You could use waterproof breathable oversock or waterproof breathable shoe top, but, usually, the amount of sweat generated is too much for the material to deal with.

Invest in good socks, use shoes that you like, have something dry to change into when done.

Also, Gore-Tex is not the only material on the market. eVent, I believe, is much better, at least according to some backpacking sites I looked into. There is one company that makes trail running shoes with eVent tops; the shoe is not that aggressive - I might stop by the shoe store to check it out.

Smart wool socks nm

North Face
I have a pair of North Face Hedgehogs that I love. They are trail runners, but very light (no heavier than my running shoes). They do have a bit more aggressive tread, but nothing crazy. They breath well even with the GoreTex lining and they dry much faster than non-lined shoes. I bought mine at EMS. I would check EMS or REI if you have one nearby and ask to see their waterproof running shoes. They had more models and styles than I expected.

I have heard that GoreTex socks really hold in the sweat and your shoes will be soaked (and heavy) from the water outside to boot.

Interesting blog on shoes vs socks

I think socks are the solution I’m looking for. The point is made that puddle/stream water’s going to go over the tops of the shoes, but socks are higher. If I’m wearing my mesh-topped Rykas, they’ll dry out instead of keeping the water in, as I have experienced with Gore-tex shoes.

I looked up the prices on Rocky Gore-tex socks. $39.95 (plus shipping) is cheaper than a new pair of shoes.

Thank you! My feet thank you!

Men’s Teva Atrato


These are amphibious shoes, great for the trail or water.

  • Synthetic uppers with mesh panels for breathability and hold up hike after hike
  • Non-marking spider rubber outsole with drainage ports
  • EVA midsole and encapsulated shock pad for impact absorption
  • Drain tec EVA footbed allows for drainage and comfort
  • Mesh lining allows for moisture wicking
  • Ventilator monofilament mesh panels for increased drainability
  • Long-wearing rubber toe cap
  • Padded tongue and collar cushion ankles, lock out debris
  • Rear pull-on loop for easy-in convenience
  • Each approx. 4"h., 10 ozs.

    Good description and better pics at the Teva website