OT: WDW resort advice . . . .

I met quite a few folks from Great Britain as well as Japan, Norway, Germany, you name it. Many of our international cast needed special attention to their visas, schedules, etc both within the World Showcase and due to special Guest Relations Roles. I actually found the folks from the UK to be particularly communicative and patient and I have to say that ending all their phone conversations with “Cheers” made the day in the office much more bearable :slight_smile:

Many happy returns- Toddy

The other favourite is "Brilliant"
Used when told something you are happy with.

"That’s brilliant" or “just brilliant” is more a sarcastic comment here. As in “isn’t that just great…not really”.

Worn out completely by the “token” Brit
on America’s Got Talent. Although he was right more often than not . . . .

The other one used by Cockneys’
To say goodbye

“See ya later” Usual pronounced without saying the T in later.

The “T” is actually and “H” sound right?

I suppose that is as good a way of
Saying it.

It is also called a “glottal stop” (or glohhal stop)

wondering if anyone has any advice. I DO

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BACK DASH RULE: Regardless if you get in one hour early because you stay at Disney or not, immediately when you get in that main entrance by Main Street USA, bee line--use all of your God-given muster--to the BACK of the park. Get a map of Disney, and plan which ride you wish to hit from the back, and work your way forward.
95% of the public works their way from the forward where they enter to the back, and also, researchers have shown, most are conditioned (at least the Americans) to work their way around from the right (i.e. counterclockwise). So, the truly savvy will start from the back and to the left and work theri way arond clockwise. So you get to the back, and work forward, and you will not see crowds until you meet up with the herd somewhere half way around. The key is, walk the quarter mile and get to the back first. I cannot emphasize how crucial this one rule is.

LEFT LINE RULE: if there are a series of lines in front of you, unless one is closer to a door or some other factor is in play, but assuming they are all the same, use the line furthest to your left. THe majority of people (Americans certainly) have been proven to prefer lines to the right side. So you use the left line; they are generally shorter.

FAST LINE RULE: If the line is long, as sometimes they are at Disney, split you and wife in two lines (preferrably the two lines on the left). Give it a couple minutes and try to determine which line is moving faster. This can be for many reasons, but the most likely is that the faster line, YOS, has a more efficient ticket taker/line person and can shave ten or more minutes off the wait if the line is long. Once you determine the faster line, the slower line person moves over with the faster line person. Researchers have shown that the lines that begin fast tend to stay fast and that, although it's hard to tell which line is faster overall instantly, within 4 minutes, it becomes obvious which line is faster.

Now that I've gotten you all juiced about these facts, YOS, it'll be very hard to enjoy yourself at all. It won't matter anymore whether Capt. Nemo's Ride was fun or not; it'll only matter that you beat Ma and Pa Jones to the ride after Capt Nemo. :-)

The rules work. Enjoy Disney.

They all make sense. . . .
Especially the back of the park rule.

Thanks for the advice.

girl at work
her and the family have been to wdw probably over 30 times they even time share it if you have a specific question let me know and ill ask her.