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'Just booked my airline tickets to Orlando for the last week of Oct. My near 6 yo and 10 yo sons have wanted to go back since we went 2 years ago. My youngest fell asleep as soon as the planes taxied going and coming, and to this day thinks it’s on the other side of the airport. He keeps asking if we can go “today”. lol

Anyway, still considering the accommodations. We like to stay on site so we don’t have to rent a car, and to take advantage of Disney Dining (well worth the money and easier than budgeting as you go).

We had planned to do either the Wilderness Lodge or one of the cabins at Ft. Wilderness this time, but I’ve unfortunately had to rule out the deluxe resorts as my savings is still recovering from 3 months unemployment this Spring. Down to Port Orleans Riverside or French Quarters. Both have water launch transportation to MK and downtown Disney. I’ve never stayed at either, so was wondering if anyone has any advice. One over the other or is there a reason I should avoid either? I’ve stayed at both Coronado Springs last time and Caribbean Beach when it was new. I’ve heard the value resorts are basically like a themed Motel 6.

Of course, if anyone wants to Paypal me a donation or two, the Polynesian keeps calling out to me. I could post pics of the hula girls when I get back . . . .



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I just resigned my post with what my husband lovingly calls "the evil empire" earlier this year (moved too far for a reasonable commute). I actually loved working for WDW (Labor Operations, Minor Guideline adherence, Union bylaws, scheduling, and other such fun stuff) but I also spent a fair amount of time with the guests and as a guest. I came from a family of disneyphiles so the discounts and free tickets came in more than handy.

My parents are DVC members and have pretty much stayed everywhere (with the exception of AllStar). DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES go to AllStar if you want even five minutes peace on your vacation. It's lovely, well put together, etc but it's where a large percentage of the groups of youth get lodging (cheerleading squads, football teams, etc) and it seems to be off in it's own little corner for good reason.

As far as Port Orleans, you really can't go wrong. My personal preference is Riverside over the French Quarter. I like the decor better and it's the side with BoatWrights, the marina, etc. There are pools all over though only two are guarded. If your wee-one requires a lifejacket they are available free upon request at the marina. Check out BoatWrights for an awesome breakfast (cinnamon sugar french toast, grits, bacon, sweet potato pancakes, etc) and the little food court area next to it is great for a late nibble when you come back from the parks a little worse for the wear.

You mentioned the transport services and the dining plan (yes, a good deal, definitely) but are you also aware that as resort guests you'll get the Extra Magic Hours? If you have any confusion about those ask the Front Desk Staff to assist you. You'll need regular park admission for those but it's pretty cool to get into the parks early or stay later than all the folks driving off to some Best Western. A lot of the kids enjoy collecting the bracelets and you'll see them leaving with five and six on their arm. Are you renting a car or using the Magical Express? I know many of our guests like ME once they get used to it; you don't have to mess with your checked baggage once you check in at your home airport. It'll pop up in your resort room. But the line for the bus at OIA evidently can be unnerving for some guests so that's really up to you. Honestly, staying at the resort is really nice. You really won't need a car and if you want to have a wiesn in Germany no worries about who's DD. Just make sure that when you and the kids are tired and getting cranky you go back and play in the pool or goof off somewhere else for awhile. You can come in and out of the park as much as you like (no handstamps anymore either) so there's no reason to stay and kill yourselves. It's supposed to be fun but it's amazing how many guests will stay 12 hours straight because they HAVE to get everything in. They leave worn out and not really all that happy.

One last note, if you like the Polynesian but won't be staying there head over one evening anyway (just catch a bus from one of the parks or a taxi (you can ride back to Downtown Disney and take the boat home to Port Orleans since there are no resort to resort buses). The old Electric Light Parade is now the E.L. Pageant. The floats are on barges and go around the lake (9 pm I think). It's cool to sit on the beach in front of the pool in a lawn chair and watch and listen. The little ones will love it. No need to be a Poly. guest to enjoy that.

End novella. Have fun- Toddy

Thanks for the info.
We definitely were the worn out all-dayers last time. Longer stay this time will help. We enjoyed the magic hours b4 and will again. The Magic Exp. is great. The line wasn’t too bad, but I arranged a pre-dawn departure from home so we can be in our 1st park by noon and a late departure on our last day so we can stay until late afternoon. Worked great for last time too.

We might do the Lau w/ the dining. We thought about it, but used 2 meals for the Living Seas instead. The Lau Sounds better, & more fun.

We may rent a car one day for a beach trip. Should I plan, pre-arrange & take a (small) chance on the weather or go improv w/ the front desk?

Thanks again. PO-Riverside it is!

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I was asking advice. Good enough for me. If not for you, report it or kiss my behind.

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More disboards.


I think it may be food and wine festival during October. Should be busy so book early.


Kids should like this if you can get tickets.


Thanks, jpc. I’ll check them out.
Rickers: If not mine, then who’s behind IS worthy of a kiss from you or Bo?

Does this mean my invitation to Montana is no longer in good standing? (name changed since then) lol

See you there…
I will donate to the mouse at that time too.

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YakofSteel, just to keep you legal…there is actually paddling on the resort grounds (Fort Wilderness) though it’s nothing too exciting. There are plenty of local lakes, springs, etc however and then of course the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts to keep you busy if you decide your worthy hiney should need some paddling time.

Have fun. Intercot.com is cool to check out too. Everybody has their own strategies re: the parks, dining, the whole Mouse “thing”. Whatever works for you and yours is the way to go. I would make reservations for table service reasonably in advance. As far as a car and hitting the beach, that’s still in “hunker down” season so it’s anyone’s guess. But Florida rain doesn’t always last long so don’t be too bummed if it looks crummy; might let up just as fast.

Not-So-Scary Halloween (MK) will be going on during that time as will Food and Wine (EPCOT) so you might want to look into those if you’re interested. Have fun and enjoy the beach!

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We did not so scary last time. The kids had a blast, and the best part was that since we had my MIL w/ us, my wife and I jumped on some rides like space mount. with no wait whatsoever. As fast as we could walk in, we were getting seated on the very next ride. It was great. We plan on it again.

As far as the weather goes then, I know. Our last time was two years ago and the last hurricane of the season (I can’t remember the name) went through the day before we arrived. We were getting afraid it was going to stall and we wouldn’t be able to fly in. Many palm trees down around Orlando, but we had the best weather. The parks were really dead for Tues./Wed./Thurs., but by Friday they were packed. I talked to several people that said they were up from S. Fl. and had no power so they just came up for the weekend.

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