OT... When two life forms become one. Birth of a new organelle

For the first time in one billion years, two lifeforms truly merged into one organism | Popular Science (popsci.com)


I saw that article. Fascinating. Regarding rare events, there’s going to be a supernova visible to the naked eye, between now and September, near the constellation Bootes.

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I am looking forward to that. It will be somewhat underwhelming visually. However, it’s rarity is something special. I will be looking up when it shows.

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Fascinating to peak into evolution at this level of detail. Thanks for sharing!

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Newly discovered doesn’t mean new. I wonder how they know the merger didn’t happen a billion years ago.

Isn’t that the definition of marriage?


The article says they think this process could have started 100 million years ago. We’d presumably have to read the paper to find out where that estimate came from.