Otay, I can't find hydro socks, Archives

Anyone out there use hydro socks? What brand is

best? what are they primarily used for? I’m

ignorant on the subject but interested. I do know that divers use them. Any primary use for canoe, kayak paddlers?

What do you them to want to do?
Insulate or waterproof breathable. Start from your criteria for function and get better help.

Here is a starter. Sealskins makes an alleged waterproof breathable sock essentally non insulationg. Some like them some do not. I do not, never seen a product fron them that worked as advertised.

Chota makes mukluks. The are waterproof and insulating and cost some dollars.

Tons of folks make neoprene socks. I recommend wearing thin polypropolene liners under them if you buy them.

Hydro socks
I have several pair. I use NRS Hydroskin socks and well as their neoprene ones. In spring and late fall I use them with sandals. During the dead of our “winter” I wear them under my booties. My feet stay warm, but damp.

Check out nrsweb.com

I’m looking for a light weight boot, sock,

whatever, to keep my feet dry when launching.

I’ve just seen hydro socks when searching for

waterproof socks, and the light weight boots

that are available and wondered how good they really were. Yes, I should have been more

definitive as to what I wanted them for.


I want socks
I think I want socks. I want to find out about some to wear with Teva sandels. A girl at the Lake Joccasse fall trip had some on and they looked like they would be the ticket! Just need something to get me past the cold water in to my boat. ALSO, what brands have the least amount of SEAMS? That would bug me…

Hey waterguppy,
I think if what you are refering to as “hydrosocks” are actually just neoprene socks, then it was probably my girlfriend that you saw on the Jocassee get together. I let her use some neoprene socks that I don’t really use any more with her sandals. I would have let her use my neoprene booties but I using those.

Waterguppy, a couple of thinkgs I’ve noticed in the whole socks, booties, mukluk comparision.

  1. Neoprene socks work OK with sandals to keep your feet warm, but I prefer the fit of neoprene dive boots.

  2. When I used socks with sandals combination, I ALWAYS got sand between the straps of the sandal and the sock. That was a little annoying.

  3. Neither neoprene socks or the dive boots keep my feet warm in cold water. They work pretty good in cool water, but don’t expect them to keep you warm in winter.

  4. For when it gets COLD, definitely consider a pair of mukluks. I have a pair of the Chota Light Mukluks and they work great. I got them for about $46.00 (I think) and they are worth thee weight in gold. I know some people who have the more expensive versions and to be honest I can’t see the difference for twice the money.

    Hope all of this helps a little.


Scott ~ thanks for the information. That’s everything I wanted to know. I will do some more web searching now. EXCEPT, what about the seam thing? I am like the princess and the pea…seams would probably bug me. I think most are across the foot or on the outside??? Yes, it was Ellen that had them on. One more thing (sorry), do they run small, true to size? You guys going to Jocassee this spring?

Hey Jabadata
May I suggest that in your neck of the woods, in the winter you would be very happy with a pair of the NRS or Choata Mukluks with a pair of smart wool socks under them.

You can wade in and stand in the water all day long, and your feet will stay toasty. They will sweat like hell, but the smart wool socks will keep them warm.

We have the NRS ones, and used the hell out of them in northern Florida two years ago,in the spring, when it was still cold, and then all last summer up in Alaska.

For the summer, switch to river shoes, or Tevas.