OTC Pack seating modification

Would like to lower the seat in my OTC Pack to “floor” level (Or almost “floor” level. Has anyone done this? What method did you use to secure seat?

try lowering the seat instead
Before I learned to “trust” my Pack, I’d occasionally sit on the floor atop a boat cushion when I thought a situation required greater stability.

The downside – aside from assuming the uncomfortable, sitting-on-the-floor position of a kayaker – was that the gunwales were too high and interfered with paddling, especially when using a single-bladed paddle.

However, after my Discovery 164’s tippiness disappeared after I lowered the seats a mere two inches, I’m thinking this might be the best response for the Pack’s initial tenderness also.

try lowering the seat instead
Thanks for the input. I’ll keep it in mind.

Reason for wanting to lower the seat is I would like to try a double paddle with it this season. To do so effectively I think I’ll have to lower the seat and rig up some foot braces of some kind.

Just Do it
As the previous poster said the sides of the boat may get in your way with the seat lowered.

I’d suggest that you try the double blade first, then decide if you need to modify the boat.

I lowered my Pack seat 1 1/2"
Also added a foot brace. Big improvement in stability and comfort. I have tried a double paddle but prefer the single. I also narrowed the seat and thwart 2" which I found improved the overall handling of the boat. It is still short and fat boat but has a bit of tracking ability now.

You might be able to buy seat hanger
brackets from Mowhawk. They’re metal plates that attach to the gunwales and can be combined with spacers to give a lot of options.

Seat screws available from Old Town
I ordered some really long seat screws and the dowels that go with them from Old Town. Quite inexpensive, as I remember. I ordered the long ones because I didn’t know how low I wanted the seat. I figured I could always cut off what I didn’t need, but it is pretty hard to lengthen a screw! Of course, I’ve never lowered the seat, but I do intend on doing it some day (famous last words, huh?). :slight_smile:

BTW: I also frequently use a 250cm double-bladed paddle with my Pack and it works fine from the regular seat height. I don’t have a foot brace, though I think it would help some. I keep thinking of lowering the seat a couple of inches so my friends don’t feel so unstable (I’m pretty used to it).


OTC Pack seating modification
Thanks for the feedback. As soon as I decide direction to take I’ll let everyone know and how it works out.

Foot brace / 2" narrower?
How did you do your foot brace installation?

Are you saying you narrowed the seat 2" from gunwale to gunwale? Why does this improve tracking?