OTCA 17 Restoration

I just acquired an Old Town OTCA 17 in need of restoration. I’m looking for a site to post details of this project and get help from those experienced in rib and plank construction. I’ve gone to the WCHA site but I’m unable to post and unable to join. I think their pay site is broken. Is someone here who is a member of WCHA be willing to post for me or does someone know of another site where I can post canoe restoration questions.



– Last Updated: Mar-26-11 8:22 PM EST –


The WCHA site got hacked a couple of weeks back and they had to rebuild it. It is up and running now and the folks there will gladly answer your questions. There are still a few bugs that will take a few days to iron out.

If we ever catch the hacker, he has a date in our canvas stretching clamps.....

I'm a member. If you have questions, let me know.