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I was in an army navy store and saw a “mil standard” jungle hammock for about $45.00 (US) I am not a through hiker nor do I see me spending any serious time backpacking. How does the "Mil spec Jungle hammock compare to the Hennesys etc?

Military specs…
Beware of “knock offs” of military spec equipment in Army Navy/Army surplus stores.

Some equipment, which is purported to be US military equipment is in fact, made “elsewhere”. The labels on the knock offs are also knock offs.


I’ve had both
Wouldn’t trade my Hen for anything. The military hammock can be “fun” entering and exiting. Sometimes I think it should be a rodeo event between calf roping and bronc riding. The Hen is super-smart with it’s entry. Stand up throught the bottom, lay back. Great design, well thought out. My biggest issue with hammocks is keeping the underside warm in cooler weather. But here in Florida, my hammock sees more use than any other shelter.

Clark NX-250, I have yet to see anything
that is better. That does not mean there is not another hammock that is better, I just have not seen it. At a big storm on Lake Erie this summer, the Hennessey guys were headed for their cars. I was bone dry in nearly horizontal 50 mph rain. I think the rain fly is almost as, or more, important than the hammock. Don’t skimp on the fly. Bill

My first night in a hammock
waqs in a military surplus (genuine) hammock in the late 50s or early 60s. Cannot say it was a wonderful experience - bad shape, funky odor, difficult to set up and that was when I was young & spry.

I now own a HH Explorer Deluxe and a Clark NX-250. Different beasts, the HH being a better summer sleep in hot & humid conditions and the CJH being a better “shoulder” season sleep.

And speaking of sleep: I get a better eight hours in either compared with a tent or my bed at home. I prefer side sleeping which is possible in either one. But for weatherproofness, the Clark is superior IMO. Yes, it is pricey, but I am willing to bet that it is head and shoulders above the “mil-spec” unit. And it will not let you down in the middle of the night.

HammockForums.net is a great resource for hanging info.


2nd the statement about the importance of a good tarp. A great hammock can be ruined by lousy rain protection. My Hen is great, but a CatTarp improved my weather coverage by quite a bit.

I also have a Hex tarp, and it makes me feel far more secure from wind-blown rain & mist than the stock unit.


I agree too
The large hex tarp that they offer as a substitute ought to be in the regular package. With the hex tarp I’ve been high and dry in heavy weather conditions in my HH. I’ve slept better in the woods than at home and that’s a pleasant change from lumpy ground and air mattress failures.

Tarp modifications
Something I plan on scquiring this fall is a “Grizz Beak” - an accessory that coloses off one end of your tarp to the weather. Both ends if you buy two. Available from these good folks:



The Hennesey was derived from the…
Mil-Spec Jungle Hammock.

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