Other Kayaking Forums [Fora]

Perhaps this is a taboo subject, but I have to ask it anyway. I’ve been looking around at some other places where kayaking (sea kayaking especially) is discussed. I’ve seen a few familiar names in my skulking around. I’m wondering how you think the others stack up against this one. I’m not planning to pull up stakes and move on quite yet, but I’m interested in checking the colour of the grass a few other places.

Where do you paddle Sparky961?

Georgian Bay, Lake Huron and small waterways of SW Ontario, Canada.

http://www.westcoastpaddler.com/ has some content. Less traffic than here, but primarily focused on BC, but with also content from other Canadian provinces or west coast US.


Active, separate sea kayaking section, and while it’s not “local,” paddling is paddling.

qajaqusa.org is mainly concerned with Greenland style kayaking, but that is all sea kayaking. It can get a little technical with a lot of focus on building your own boats and paddles. But there are some expert paddlers from around the country on there (some of whom also post on here at times.)

If you are interested in connecting with open water kayakers in southern Ontario, the Cataraqui Canoe and Kayak Club of Kingston, ON, has a lot of active paddlers and group trips in the area. I have a friend who’s a member and have day paddled with them – quite a lot of skill in the club. They don’t have a forum but have a website and activity calendar and non-members are welcome.

Thanks for the suggestions so far. I’ll spend some time having a look.

I would second the suggestion of http://www.westcoastpaddler.com/. The majority of participants are the more established sea kayakers. It is a friendly, helpful group with a huge store of collective wisdom. There are participants from outside the ‘west coast’ as well. Newbies would perhaps be happier with paddling.com, but can then move beyond that to explore this alternative forum.