other tidal rapid than Skook?

This was posted on boatertalk…interesting…


Blue Hill, ME

That’s mean!
I saw Sing’s post saying Blue Hills Maine which is near enough. Then I went to the link and thinking that they were one and the same. I went so far as to look at the calendar to figure out a weekend for a road trip. Then I realized that it’s in British Columbia - the OTHER side of the country.

So, Sing - what do you know about the reversing falls at Blue Hills? Is that worth a road trip? Long boats or short?


Sullivan Falls, Maine
Wonderful tidal rapids. Was used for Steve Maynard’s Tidal Currents class at the Downeast Sea Kayaking Symposium.

Near MDI

(BTW, the originator of the thread is in RI)

Oshima Strait

Tamarack, Carlsbad Ca
This is a little different since the waves are right where the water enters the Ocean. The pictures in these two links don’t do it justice when it’s really big.



Similar to the tidal rapids
Lachine rapids, Lasalle rapids, Habitat 67 wave, all in Montreal…excellent surfing for long or short boats…


It’s a cool place

Haven’t Been There…
just read the description in my white water guide book by Lessels. Supposed to get a class III rating on a good tide. Probably a good place to get funky with the long boat and still do some ocean paddle afterwards.


blue hill falls
I’ve been there. Fun play place on a nice hot summer day (or any day). Can develop a nice glassy wave that is fun to surf on. I have seen all sorts of things go through the falls besides just the usual canoes and kayaks. Nice place. The wave has changed over the years with many speculations as to why - ?mussles, rocks moving… who knows.

Cool just to watch, too
When I was about 13, I watched the flow from a bridge and counted the jellyfish that got swept along. I lost count somewhere above 400.