Other trip reports?

Althought there is a nice section here, I’m very interested in reading trip reports from NC, SC, TN, and Va. Do any of you know of other online sources for such reports? I’m primarily interested in slow (ABC and class I) rivers, and coastal trips, which may include fishing trips.

Are you using available guidebooks?

I just picked up “Paddling Eastern NC” which is great!

My web-site has 4 trip reports from the Carolinas…although only one of them is “coastal”…the other 3 are multi-day flat-water river trips in the Carolinas…




Chris, that was great! I really enjoyed that site! I’ll get deeper into it later…but wow!

I’m interested to know what kind of camera you used. Those were excellent pics!

Thank you so much!

Glad you enjoyed the pictures Snal…

The camera is a 5 mega-pixel Olympus C-5050Z. It does a pretty good job and has a lot of settings you can mess around with. The battery life is really good and it is pretty rugged… :slight_smile:

I took a few more pictures today…these are in the Pohick Bay area off the Potomac River:


If you have any questions about those paddles on the web-site I’ll be happy to give you any info I might have…



Thanks again Chris
We’re planning another group trip for March, probably the Lynches River from somewhere near Bishopville, SC.

I hope to hit some of the smaller lakes within a few hours of Asheville…Lake Santeetlah looks nice, and we have a camper at Lake James, I could actually paddle down the North Fork Catawba right to the camper…but the guide shows the last 5 miles to be class II-III…I’m not sure that my kayak, or skills, are cut out for that.

www.palmettopaddlers.org and go to their Trip Reports. Pretty good write-ups and Slide Shows. I am working on your March trip! The Lynches from Bishopville might be more fun than you are ready to have…

The only thing I’ve seen of the Lynches is when I pass it on the I-20 bridge between Columbia and Florence. From the very quick glimpse I get of it in that section it looks pretty darn narrow with a good amount of down trees. Might be fun in a creek boat…something like Swedge’s Tarpon or something…


I have paddled several stretches of the
Lynches River, above and below Bishopville. Beautiful river, but generally a lot of downfall, some of which will go all the way across the river and require a pull-out and portage. These portages are usually short, but the banks are usually muddy and sometimes the water runs quite deep right up to the bank. The downfall that does not completely span the river will create some tricky strainers, especially if the level is up and the current a little swift. Anything longer than about 14 feet will require some really good boat handling. It certainly makes for an Adventure and there are some incredible camping spots; you will get wet, muddy, and have to earn your way down. Let’s go. It is one of my favorite paddles.

Glad I came across this,
I am looking forward to spending some time on Chris and Marisa’s adventure page!