Other Wilderness Suggestions

Hello… I am new to this forum

I have done three 8 day trips in Quetico the past 3 years (including being on a trip on 9/11 and not finding out until the following Saturday).

Our first two trips were guided. We guided ourselves on our last trip from Beaverhouse to Cache Bay via the Falls Chain. All 3 trips have been fantastic.

We are looking for other trips that compare in beauty & remoteness.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks

Each Wilderness Canoeing Park Unique
I’ve canoed the Quetico for years and also a little in several other Canadian wilderness canoeing parks. My experience has been that each wilderness canoeing park is unique, although it is admittedly limited outside the Quetico. Even so, I’d have to reply that the only place that compares to the beauty and remoteness of the Quetico - is the Quetico. That said, if you are looking for the same portage lake to lake travel that the Quetico offers but something a little different, you could consider some other flatwater canoe parks like Kilarney (beautifully stark, almost mountainous, area recovering from acid rain), Algonquin (more crowded than Quetico), or Woodland Caribou (very few visitors) in Ontario. Bowron in British Columbia is a very unique experience with lake to lake travel through the mountains. If you are ready to graduate to river systems travel, the whole far north of Canada becomes an opportunity. Some closer destinations for this type of travel might be Wabakimi in Ontario, Atikaki in Manitoba, or a guided trip (www.canoefrontier.com) on one of the river system routes that flow to Hudson Bay. You don’t list a profile so I don’t know where you are located, but if you are in the upper Midwest a good place to get ideas and talk to outfitters or folks that have done fantastic wilderness trips is at the Canoecopia weekend in Madison, Wisconsin usually in early March. Watch for the announcement on the Rutabaga website.

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

a huge wilderness … more wild than even the Q