otter creek ,vergennes vt

Anyone have any info on places to put in for this area? I remember going there back in the 60’s fishing and it seems like a nice place for a fall paddle if it is still as nice as then. Anyone have any thoughts about it?



Basin Harbor Rd
You can access the lower river on Basin Harbor Rd right by the Dead Creek. From there you can explore the swamp if you want or head down river to Lake Champlain or up river to the falls at the village. I think you can also access right below the falls off Mechanic St. If you’re looking for something to eat, The Hungry Bear right on Main St has good inexpensive food and casual is definitely no problem. If you want to paddle upstream, you may be able to access the river just on the north side of the Main St bridge- be careful as it is just above the falls. You could also head south on Maple St. about 4mi. until you get to county rd 17. Take a right and you should be able to get down to the river by the bridge there. The other alternative is get a good map and do some good old fashion exploring—you never know what you’'ll find.—Rich

don’t know squat
Except we saw Otter Creek from the deck of Mr. Ups, in Middlebury. Looked like it needed more water for canoeing.

But since the topic is Otter Creek, I thought you’d want to know that the Otter Creek Brewery has a discount day on Mondays. Cases sold for $23 the August Monday I was there. So plan your shuttle to take you by the Otter Creek Brewery. The White Sail they were brewing in August is unique and extraordinary. Get a case if they still have it.

~~Chip Walsh, Gambrills, MD


Don’t miss the Blueberry Ale…
if you can get it. It’s great also.—Rich

A little of my new fav- Whitesail Ale