Here on the message board, 2 or 3 months ago, someone who had just gotten an O.T. Otter made mention of adding deck rigging. Unfortunately for me I didn’t bookmark it, and can’t seem to find it in the archives. I was hoping that person will read this and respond , but any input would be appreciated. I am going to check the O.T. website for a kit, but I think the particular person I’m thinking of fashioned their own instead of using a kit.

Order direct or!
You can order a deckrigging kit directly from Old Town or you can buy all the seperate components and make yourself as i did. I just happened to have some bungee cord so all I had to buy was some hooks from the local boat shop and the necessary stainless hardware from hardware store.

You can get all the stuff you need…
…at Boaters World, West marine, or any good canoe and kayak shop.

You can buy the kits, or you can save and buy the material separately.



Deck Kit
I recently ordered a deck rigging kit from Old Town to rig the back deck of my Loon 138. The kit is a good deal, not that expensive and has everything you need. Instructions were good with two different layouts explained.

Otter Deck Rigging
I agree with JackL.

Among my many 'yaks is an Otter. I got all the needed items (bungie cord, s/s bolts/nuts, deck anchors) for above half the cost of a kit from the local kayak shop. And, while I was at it, I installed a paddler holder.

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