Otter or Pamlico

I was going to pick up two Otters this month for my 11 yr old twins to start them off kayaking, and also since I don’t do babysitters, to get me out on the water again.

Wither I goest they are forced to follow!

I was actually going to pick up one this weekend.

But my husband, not a kayaker … yet, was searching the local stores and is asking about the Pamlico.

It’s a tad bigger, the cockpit is open more but they would only be doing flatwater

All the reviews I’ve read seem to be for adults.

Has anyone tried it with kids.

My son the younger twin is 5’1" and 100 lbs, my daughter the older twin is 4’9" and 68 lbs.

Pamlico, Size
While the Pamlico may be a little more capable is some ways than the Otter - I think it’s a little bigger and it has some rigging and a hatch - it is a boat that fits an older woman in our group who is a lot more spread thru the middle than either of the children you describe. They’d be swimming in it, if that’s a concern the Otter may be a better first investment. Cheap, you can always use a piece of guest Tupperware on flat water, and if they really like it they’ll want another boat anyway.

The Palmlico can also be a bear for paddle float re-entry for some because of the rear deck height - having worked on that with someone in a Palmlico in the last two weeks I’m not the Otter would be any worse for a smaller and shorter person.

Thank you Celia
after checking out the measurements again, we thing the otter might be great for my son to start with. He is having some major growth spurts

I’m concerned though about my daughter, I re-measured her and she is only 4’7"

If it wasn’t for her brown belt I’d describe her as a sprite

We are going to look into the Carolina 12.0 it seems narrower, which might help with the reach for her tiny arms.

If that doesn’t work, has anyone ever heard of putting booster seats in kayaks :slight_smile:

An alternative is the Heritage Range
You can get details on the PNet website.