Otter tail or Beaver tail?

I am planning to make a canoe paddle in the next few days and was hoping to get some advice on what style I should make. Currently, I have a sugar island-style paddle that I made back in high school that I am using but I wanted to make another paddle for a backcountry canoe trip I have planned in Timogami this summer. I am trying to decide between a beaver tail and an otter tail design however, I don’t have a lot of experience with either type of paddle I was hoping that someone could help me decide which one to make.

Give Swift a call. They make their own paddles Badger paddles.
They are great to talk to.

Look up some of the old traditional paddle styles. Preferences are largely aesthetic.
For lake paddling a narrower, longer paddle is really good like the styles you are referencing.

In our family we give three different dog merit badges for swimming, Muskrat, Beaver and Otter.
I would build an Otter tail.