Otter twin seats ?

I have had my loon for a few years and have hundreds of hours of butt time in that boat . That said I bought an otter twin to paddle with my 7 year old son . After two days ,my @#$has had it the seats suck ! Does anyone have any ideas for an upgrade for the seats or a gel pad designed for the application ?

this is hilarious
I love the seats in a twin otter. They are rec gold. I loved them so much I gutted an old otter and put then in a much better tandem for a really long race. But now that I think about it, I think they switched the seats in the new ones. If they are the molded one piece black seat with the hinged back, I love those but they could need some padding. A simple internet search for kayak seat padding will yield something. If it is the gray foam seat with the rigid back rest post, then yes it looks terrible. I’m not sure what to do short of getting new seats. Good luck.

Ryan L.