Otter XT vs Perception Swifty

I am interested in purchasing two new kayaks. I have tried out the Perception Swifty and the LL Bean Perception Manatee. Since we are buying two, the Manatee is out of our price range. We were not overly impressed with the Swifty. It didn’t track well and was not very comfortable as compare to the Manatee. I have not had the opportunity to try the Otter XT. How does it compare to the Swifty? Are there other kayaks in the 250-350 price range that are better?

i have friends with both. The Otter is going to be a little more comfortable than the swift. However, the swifty i think tracks better. Also, unless they made any changes, the Otter is going to be heavier than the swifty.

They are pretty similar, so i would just sit in both and see which one is more comfortable.

just my 2cents

Go used
If you want tracking and performance, it isn’t going to happen in a 10 ft or similar length boat. And buying something like a Swifty or an Otter new is a waste of money unless you have some clear long term need for boats of this type. If you are just starting out, you’ll find yourself looking longer and more featured within weeks.

So look around for used to get more boat for your bucks, try to go a little longer like 12 ft anyway. Used boats in this group should be showing up for sale as the summer wanes and people realize they want more boat for next season.

Ditto to Celia.

One more note
My sister and her husband each have an Otter - for their use this is an appropriate boat. They picked them up used for $100 each at the end of a season, from a place that rents out these pumpkinseeds for a quiet stretch of river near them.

So late in August there is no need to spend $250 for these boats…