Otter XT

I found a slightly used Otter XT (Old Town) 9'6 kayak with paddle on CL for $200. Price is right, and I'm looking at something cheap to get out on the water with.

Problem is that I'm 5'10 and pushing 230 (I should be 200 or like 185).

Is this boat too small?

I weigh about the same, and I think
you would find that boat “pushed” to carry much gear besides yourself. It might sit low enough to feel pokey. But if you get a chance, try it out. During the trial, try to get the seat, etc., placed so the kayak sits level or no more than slightly bow up, so you can judge its behavior.

Good ideas. Not planning on carrying too much gear… but we’ll see.

At 300 lbs, it sinks
So if you’re never in waves, never lean to a side, and don’t paddle too fast, you’ll be fine.

Or yes; the boat is too small.

$200 for a used Otter is too expensive. I see them selling new for $250 all the time. I would expect to pay $100 for a used Otter.

If you feel the urge to be on the water and $200 is worth the gamble, then buy it.

If you’ve never kayaked before and you find out that you don’t like it, remember you haven’t given paddling a fair test and it’s the boat you do not like, not kayaking.

Are you near any paddling clubs?
Might be worth looking aroun, see if there is a club within reach that has a board of stuff for sale. Or a board for people looking for stuff.

For a boat just to get started with, someone might have an older boat around that is just chewing up space in the garage for them now.