Our 2nd BWCA this summer pics

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Just thought I would post a link to my blog with our BWCA pics so far this year. The newest blog entry is our 2nd bwca pics to Island river. If you scrolls down you can see the first bwca pics from June. The Island river trip is oldest daughters 9th trip (she is 5yr old), seconds daughters 8th trip (she is 3) and our son's 2nd trip (he is 9 months). Enjoy!

Looks like an excellent trip
You’ve got a fine tripping crew there!

Nice Pics
I loved the grouse and a “Kid with a fish” is always my favorites! Enjoyed the photo journey! WW

Good for you!!
That’s quite an accomplishment.

Hats off to you. Nice that you do that for yourself and your family.

thanks all
Thanks for the compliments. The kids are well seasoned and great in the canoe (helps that we live by 2 rivers). They sure love it.

great trip
some of my fondest memories are of the time spent in the BWCAW 20 years ago. No doubt your kids will never forget those beautiful experiences.

Congrats on homeschooling too. Takes some real patience and dedication to do that. Worth it when you consider what the time is invested in!

I was homeschooled from 2nd grade till graduation by my parents in the barely legal early years of home education. Good to see parents involved in their kids lives.

homeschooling makes it easier to do more
Homeschooling makes it easier to do more canoe trips! lol. Once the kids are older I plan to do more fall trips and we will just school in camp! I know of another family that does this with hiking. They just take school with them.

Which magazine?
Sounds like a great trip. Your family reminds me of Bill Mason and his family trips in Canada. Which magazine were your children featured in?

Good for you both taking the kids on adventures!!!

this one http://www.fishandboat.com/anglerboater/2009/03mayjune/00toc_vol78_no3.htm

But we dont live in Pa, the author of the article needed a canoeing family and knew we were one.

canoeing is addictive

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Nice Cindy,
When you have the right canoe...paddling in the great outdoors, on mother nature's-made waters...is addictive.


very nice
I am always looking for people w/ kids to share a trip, FYI. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing & making me totally depressed to be stuck in IL. :slight_smile:

share a trip
We are always open to trips! If you dont mind 3 kids and a dog that is lol

will the kids be watching obama speak?

lol funny you should ask
we were out canoeing that day. We canoe a lot