Our cat may be related to grizzlies

I found a headless shrew on the floor of the garage this morning.

evolution - Cats, Dogs and Bears - how are they related? - Biology Stack Exchange.

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They all have long sharp teeth and eat meat. There must be a word that covers that. Or my degree in biology really was a waste.

Are you sure the cat did it?

Several years ago I found a headless mouse in the engine bay of the car my husband had then. It had chewed the entire firewall material to shreds.

We never found out if a local cat got it, or if the spinning fan blades guillotined it.

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My Dad had a cat that regularly left him “gifts” on the front porch, usually rodent bits (livers and other tiny organs) that it had somehow surgically removed from the rest of the carcass and saved for him.) The last cat that I allowed to be outside and hunt (when I lived in a place safe enough for her to come and go) used to leave me decapitated mice, though only the tails of chipmunks. She would also bring those big bright green katydids into the house and dismember them all over the floor.

As to cats and bears, my ex beau who lives in the northern wilds of Pennsylvania had a 10 pound floofy tuxedo cat that used to chase the resident black bears off his front porch when it caught them mooching his kibble. The bears always fled in great panic – I figured that Giz looked enough like a skunk that it triggered that response in them due to recalled trauma of being scent sprayed.