Our First Kayaks! Did We Do OK?

Well, we finally got our kayaks! We ended up getting some good deals due to the end of the season sales. I know that the serious kayakers out there won’t be impressed with my selections, but keep in mind that we never kayaked (except for a demo day)and we wanted some stable kayaks that weren’t too heavy or too long for recreational use on calm creeks, canals and rivers. I found a Necky Rip for $420 and a Necky Manitou Sport for $500. I also got a Werner Skagit paddle for about $100. It isn’t the lightest paddle, but 34 ounces isn’t bad and it felt comfortable to me. It’s at least a little better than the Bending Branches Whisper paddle my husband was looking at (at least I think so.) I hope that we will end up really enjoying kayaking and that my husband will agree to upgrade someday to some really nice, lightweight touring kayaks. In the meantime, I think that these will be good kayaks to learn on. My husband likes the roominess and stability of the Necky Rip (he’s not as comfortable in the water as I am)and I’m happy with the Manitou Sport.

Not bad on the price[s].

If U like the boats AND U have fun in them, well U did GREAT.

Be safe, have FUN !!!

If you are happy, then you did good !
Now you and hubby get out there and paddle.

Then report back if you did good.

Jack L

I am with Jack
If you have a good time when using the boats, then you did good. There seem to be people who think you need a certain price-level boat or style of boat to have fun, but in reality it can be fun to be out on the water in anything.

my first kayak
was a 1989 Keowee. I had a blast. I dont have it anymore but it was a great workout boat. It was short and fat and it converted me temporarily from short and fat.

I agree with the above…
…you have boats, they float, life is good.

On top of that, they are pretty good choices - you may not want to upgrade for a while, if at all.