Our Lake Superior Circumnavigation

I posted on here a few months ago to let people know about my boyfriend and my circumnavigation of Lake Superior.

We are on a short break at home so I figured I would post an update. So far we have paddled almost 1000 miles of lakeshore, from Houghton, MI all the way through WI, MN, and ONT and are back to Grand Marais, MI. We had to head home so I could speak at the Ladies of the Lake symposium. We hoped to be finished by now but it has been an interesting summer as far as the weather goes. We will be back on the lake as soon as the weather improves and the forecast doesn’t include 7-9 ft waves. We have some of our journals up and more are coming soon so if anyone wants to read all the details of our trip check out our website at http://www.asuperioradventure.com.

I hope everyone had a good summer on the water. Our contact info is on the website so if you check it out send us an email. We love hearing from people.

Hannah Williams


My guess is that this epic trip
will inform whatever you do in the future.

“These are the good old days.”



We Finished
We finished our circumnav on Labor Day after paddling a 46 mile day from Big Bay, MI back to the Keweenaw Peninsula. It was an epic trip. It took longer than we expected but it turned out to be quite the summer when it came to the weather. We aren’t really sure how many miles we actually paddled, we just haven’t added it up yet, but it took us 72 days on the lake.

We redid our website so that all our journals could be held there. We are just working on getting them typed up and should have them all up in the next week or so. We have a lot of photos up with more coming. The new site also has Matt’s Appalachian Trail thru hike journals if anyone is interested. you can see it at http://asuperioradventure.com.

It will also be the home of our journals from our thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail Next year. We decided to take a break from paddling and give the land a chance.

If anyone has any questions about the trip please feel free.

a big lake
Quite a trip…

Beautiful photos of your trip. Haven’t read all of it yet just sections.


I haven’t read everything but just want to thank you for making the effort to share the trip with everyone…I followed along for a while and I’m looking forward to reading about the rest of your journey… congratulations!