Our new fur baby came home this morning

Honey is a 10 week old labradoodle. With no training she already comes when called. She likes my lap. I’m aware that a puppy can be coded in the first few days. In a few short months, I’ll have a 60 lb lap dog.
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I’ve been adopted.


Great news! She’s a doll!

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Oh dear Lord, the hive got busy!
You’ll soon comb through Destiny de Dizzy.
There’ll be no sedentary for the likes of you,
for you’ve compounded your Honey Do’s!

A Canoes With Duckheads (occasionally) and Canine Associate (Constantly!) fella

Careful! She looks like a clever lass. Don’t let her get a Dogtarate in Human Psyche, soon thereafter to start posting in-depth, somewhat defamatory analysis of the paddling pack persona hereabouts. I could have sworn I was up on Doctor Bob’s distemper shots.

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My neighbor has one…
Happiest dog in the world…
Good luck…

In the whole 4 hours we’ve had her home, I’ve never seen a puppy wag so much. She has a thing about thresholds though. A bit afraid and dribbles when we cross one.
Threshold issue is gone.
The lap issue probably never will be. Every time the cat growls at her she wants to be held. Not going to work at 60 lbs.


Double the Honey Do’s, I love it!

She won’t have any trouble figuring out how to train String either. Looks like she is already working on that. She’ll have him wrapped around a paw in no time!!



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Good for you. My friend has had a couple of them. High energy dogs.

We have two dogs, but are short one Corgi. Not so easy to find puppies now.

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Nice looking pup string

Sweet pics. Congratulations!

I’m 100% enchanted with this pup. May you have many, many happy years with her.

So happy for you. She’s bringing you lots of love and many memories to make. Congrats.

She has totally bonded with me . She rests on my feet and has a thing for my shoe laces.


Like all puppies she has new teeth and looks for opportunities to use them. I have several superficial wounds on both arms from her grabbing at toys.
This morning my wife informed me that there was blood on the top sheet. Honey must have grabbed that arm last night after her 3am pit stop . She comes back in excited.