is out door play a good internet place to buy a boat? it sayes they have free shipping on kayaks. anybody have any experience with them?

never bought a boat
from them, but all my internet paddling purchases have been thru them. They DO honor their lowest price guaranty. I am very pleased with them and like having the opportunity to let you know.

yep, good folks

Boat Wrapping Fee
Just checked their website. Shipping is free but they add a $20 wrapping fee. L.L. Bean has the lowest shipping I have ever seen on kayaks. Great service also.

I hear good things
I had my last whitewater boat shipped from Sierra South and was extremely happy. I got a killer deal on the boat but I did pay $75 for FedEx. It still turned out to be a huge deal in comparison to anyone else I could find locally or on the net.

Now, onto your original ?

I talked to a guy in Arkansas who got a boat package from Outdoor Play and he was very happy with the service.

Good luck and pull the trigger. As soon as you do you will stop fretting over the details and go into “Happy, it’s on it’s way mode:-)”


i would have never thought to have looked there for a kayak ill givem a looksee…

Bought a drysuit from them
On sale. Couldn’t beat the price for a gore-tex suit. Fast service, too.

Thumbs up!

I bought a boat from them back in the fall. Great deal, no sales tax, free shipping and the $15 packaging fee (but it was well worth it). The boat was in a plastic sleeve, then double layer of bubble wrap then a fiber reinforced tarp like outer wrapper. I opted to go to the local freight terminal to save the $25 residential delivery charge. It came from Oregon to Alabama in less than a week in perfect condition. I think you can save an additional 10% if you belong to Pnet Paddling Perks.

Join perks
and work the discount at Outdoorplay - that what I did when I initially geared up and it saved a lot of money - I only bought gear and not a boat, though.

o yeah thanks guys i think i will be joining this weekend or before i purchase my boat.

Ditto! 10% off with paddle perks
Same experience as above. Wouldn’t hesitate to do business with them again (I still do occasionally for odds and ends).

happy again
I need to get a few pairs of winter paddling gloves, My sons tore a seam and mine are getting frazzled.( we paddle a LOT in the winter). Outdoorplay offers a 15% discount on non-sale items if you become a member for a $25 fee, good forever. I had no clue what my membership number was, so I e-mailed them. 3 hours later I have a response. ON A SUNDAY!!

We bought our boats from them. Costs $40 to ship to our house, same as LLBean. They had the best price on the internet and the boats arrived in perfect condition.