Out for a winter paddle - sort of

It was 28 degrees, the sky was gray and snow covered the trees as I headed west on the Mass Pike near Worcester, MA. I was thinking I would finally get a winter paddle, but my destination near Hartford, CT didn’t get as much snow as the Worcester Hills, and temperatures warmed into the high 30s/low 40s by the time we got on the water - just as well.

We had eight boat – six kayaks and 2 canoes – for a run on the Tville section of the Farmington River in CT. This is a short class II/II run with lots of playspots. Unfortunately, when I was putting on my drysuit I ripped a hole in the latex bootie. With a hole in my drysuit I was pretty conservative in my paddling. I ran the rapids, but didn’t do a lot of surfing. We had two swims for the day, both quickly recovered. Glad it wasn’t me.

Few pictures here:

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I got “invalid link” on the above.

But if it’s any consolation, I was surfing Facebook yesterday and some whitewater group got suggested in my feed. When I clicked it, there you were at T’ville(which I immediately recognized from your driveway cartop shot)the only canoe among a flotilla of small kayaks.

"Hey look, there’s Eck!":wink:

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“Where’s the Whitewater at” is the facebook group for mostly southern New England whitewater folks.

I did fix the link above, although it worked for me before.

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