Out-of-area canoe purchases

Hi, y’all:
The estate of my parents contains an Old Town Kevlar Canadienne canoe in mint condition that we want to put on the market. The question is, “Are out-of-area” purchasers likely for what I have found is a desirable item?
Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, folks will travel for a boat they want. We have an ongoing thread around here about how far members have traveled. I think my max is about 14 hours 1-way, and I’m probably leaving Sunday to go pick up a new addition that’s ~6 hours. Many of us don’t find a little trip objectionable at all. The key is to very descriptive, honest in your evaluation of the condition, and include a lot of high-res pictures.

I have driven hours for a boat. I have been searching for a used Epic 18x or Stellar S18R and if the few that I’ve located would ship, I would own one right now. Quality boats are worth the extra effort to lots of folks. If you were willing to deal with shipping you would probably be surprised how far that boat would travel to the next person.

Thank you for your response. It was very helpful. Happy paddling!

Thanks for your response. It seems in some cases the hassle of arranging shipping is a deterrent.

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Yes. We have learned that people will drive a long way for a desirable canoe. You can meet them half way.

I drove 800+ miles yesterday to pick one up. If it’s what you’re looking for it’s worth the trip.
A casual paddler will not drive far but crazies like me will go the extra distance.


I drove 5 hours to pick up my Current Designs. May have to go farther than that for the Valley that I want, but the trick is I’d really like to demo the boat on the water first before I order :frowning: Trying to find a US East Coast Valley dealer that isn’t in FL or Maine is impossible…