out riggers and oars

when on holiday last year i thought I saw a sit on Kayak with out riggers attached to take oars. It was out at sea being towed behind a sailing boat and I have never seen anything like it else where.

Does such a thing exist?

Any info gratefully received

Steve Howard

Sculling Boat…

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Single Scull:


Better Link:


Saw Something Similar
on a dock at the local lake last summer. Definitely not a scull, probably 16’ x 24++", but with outriggers for oars and a sliding seat. A glass boat, but with no identifying marks as to maker. I left a note inquiring about it, but no one ever replied.

Looked like it would have been a lot of fun

Several possibilities
One of these perhaps: http://www.easyriderkayaks.com/harpoonr.htm

Or maybe one of these: http://www.rowalden.com/store/details.asp?ProID=340

Kayak lines.
One of the newer recreational rowing shells is the Echo. The designer took a long look at sea kayaks and I think it shows. Perhaps that’s what you saw - the Echo does resemble a kayak at first glance.


several inflatables with this
I have been looking for a versatile inflatable kayak with options like this.

A few are available:

Jacks plastic welding- little pack cat( 2-tube hull no outtrigger needed) can be set up for rowing or paddling easily.I think the owner will help you do anything - very helpful and knows all about rowframes etc. (jpwinc.com)

Grabner- sail, motor, row, options for most of thier boats (mono hull-inflatables).

Soar canoes, or S-cat( kayak) - they have all sorts of options.