Outback Oven

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I'm thinking of getting a Backpacker's Pantry Outback Oven, either the 10" with pan, or the 8" ultralight that you use with your own pots and pans. Anyone have any experience with these? In particular, any thoughts about my options? Either one has pro's and con's. The 10" obviously has more room for more cinnamon rolls, etc. but means I have to add the weight of an extra lid (I'd use it with my frying pan). The 8" is lighter (no extra pans) but smaller--it's hard to imagine making successful brownies in a 2L pot.

Edit: For car and kayak-camping, not backpacking.

used them for years
the pro’s and con’s are as you’ve listed. Do you plan to backpack with it? I’ve never carried (nor plan to) it when hiking…but its perfect for paddle camping. We even did an upside down pineapple cake which turned out great. Plus when paddle camping you can carry a propane cylinder which really helps you dial in the oven’s temperature versus most white gas stoves…can you imagine using it on an alcohol stove!

which stove?
These are great as long as you have a stove that can simmer reasonably well. I’ve used it with MSR Simmerlite and Brunton Nova Optimus and both worked well.

The entire oven fits in my pots and wedged in the stuffsack outside so almost no extra room is needed in the kayak.


Only the hood is important
I have had the OO for nigh on 20 years and finally got wise to just carry the hood and diffuser. It works well with backpacking pots. The little Warm up Bake Burn button isnt readable anyway anymore.

The heat diffuser is another useful tool; and yes you do need a stove that can simmer well.

The pans arent worth it. Use your pot set. The pans were an annoyance for me as I just want to take one pot with frypan top…I travel solo in lake areas of Ontario and need to keep portage bulk down.

thanks for the replies!
Those of you who have used it with an 8"/2L pan (lyngo, kayamedic), your advice is very important to me! What were you able to bake in such a small plan? For how many people? I’ll be baking for a family of 4 (mom and dad & 2 little ones). (I’d love to go the smaller, more compact route, but a larger surface area–a frying pan–seems more practical.) Many thanks in advance!

(PS: I’m using a low flame, slow simmering Primus multifuel stove.)

love mine!
I have the ultralight outback oven (came without a pan). I use it with my MRS blacklight pots and an 8" teflon frying pan depending on what I’m making. I chucked the thermometer too. Used with an MSR dragonfly is an excellent combination. Because all I bring are the heat spreader and pot parka it’s super light so I take it all the time. Now most of my meals include something baked- pizza, biscuits, brownies, cake, etc. It’s great and never ceases to amaze those who are with me. I HIGHLY recommend the outback oven.

Outback Oven
I have used the Outback Oven on a few week long canoe trips in Algonquin. As previos posters have noted, a stove capable of good simmer control is a must. I’ve had excellent results using an isopropane MSR Windpro, however, the MSR Simmerlite or Whisperlite liquid fuel versions aren’t up to the task. I have baked standard cake mixes, cobbler, brownies, and upside down cakes with good success. The pan also works well with pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc.

It’s the perfect size with our familly four adults. But, it’s really too big and not worth the added bulk and weight when using with two or soloing. When soloing I use either an MSR Blacklite or Bugaboo pot and lid with a smaller aluminum bowl inside. Use a few small pebbles to create an airspace between the bowl and bottom of the pot. An aluminum windscreen is substituted for the hood, but don’t forget the heat diffuser.

And ALWAYS use a low simmering flame to avoid burning.