Outdoor Kayak Rack

Does anyone know of any plans out on the net to build an outdoor rack to store about 10 boats (kayaks and canoes from 11 feet to 18 feet long)? This will be a spring project so suggestions are welcome.



my idea
I buiolt one from scratch out of 2x4s and tarps.

It hols my 2 canoes 2 Mallard SinKs, 2 Scrambler SoTs, Acadia SinK and Yak-board SoT plus all my paddles. so it holds 8 boats easily plus paddles.

You can see pics in the photos section of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TucsonPaganPaddlers

Basically, it is a couple of bi-pods with cross beams at the heights to hold the boats. I ran diagonals from the front the the rear bipod for support and it works very well. plus it is cheap! At $.87 for a 10’ length of cheap 2x4 the rntire rach cost about $10 in lumber plus sheet-rock screws to hold it together. The tarps to protect from rain and sun cost more than the rach did.

btw, I put my paddles in a ski bag for protection and ease of transport.