Outdoor Kayak Rack

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I have been storing my kayaks inside but am now being forced to move them outside. I currently have two sit in hybrid kayaks (10' and 12') and will probably be adding a used 14' SOT tandem for mellow paddles on the lake with my daughter (or to be resold on Craigslist in a few years).

Of course I have my eye on adding a 14' Dagger Alchemy as well... I will probably never have anything larger then 14/15' as too long a drive for open water.

I am just looking for some good pics or good words on how to build a free standing wooden outdoor kayak rack for my 3 kayaks (maybe 4 then I stop). I have tons of good wood lying around...

The place I will be storing them is along an unused wall of the house on a concrete pad. We live on a very wooded lot (70+ trees ) so lots of shade. Would like to have a tarp to provide more sun and snow coverage.

The area the rack is going to go is very hidden by hedges and the house, so it can be very ugly. Just need it functional...

Brian Nystrom tutorial could be what you
Brian Nystrom has a very simple to build A-frame kayak rack.

Go to briannystrom.com. Click on Kayaking. Then click on Tutorials.

Good luck!

Ginger in NC

Lost that Link
I had seen that link before and remember thinking that was a nice simple and useful design. Thanks for posting that as I had lost that link.