outdoor kayak storage

Our 22’ fibreglass kayak unfortunately does not fit in our garage (and inside our house is not an option!), so we are needing to look at storing the kayak outside (out of the elements - rain, snow, sun, off the ground). How have others solved storing their kayaks outside?


Keep out of sun!
The UV rays of the sun will do the nmost damage to a Kayak stored outside. Rain won’t hurt it, but Somehow keep it out of direct sun rays.

For a composite Kayak, I reccommend 2 coats of “Starbright Marine Polish with Teflon” on your Kayak. This will help protect the gelcoat as it has “extra” UV protection in it, and leave it with a nice shiney finish. You can read the reviews here on P-Net on this item!

I have an idea that I have been thinking of over the winter, as I have a similar problem. I want to go to the nearby building supply place, and buy some 24" ID corrugated plastic pipe. I figure I could either lay it in the back yard, or prop it up on a frame, and just slide my kayak in from the end. I haven’t looked into this thoroughly yet, but it is an idea I had over the winter. I would leave the ends open so air could circulate, to let heat out from the sun, and let moisture out too.

I was thinking of drilling holes along the “bottom” of the pipe, to let out any water that blows in.

Happy Paddling!

Rack and tarp
I built a rack in my yard in a shady spot and put a tarp over the boats for a little extra protection. I also keep 303 protectant on them. I have plastic boats rather than fiberglass.

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What are the dimensions
of your rack? How far off the ground are your storing your kayaks? And how are you securing the tarp so it doesn’t flap too much?


Outside rack and tarps
Two of my boats are on a rack I built, the wooden boat has been outside for 10 years covered with a tarp when not in use. The fibreglass boat I just got last fall and spent the winter on the rack too. Both do fine there.





Wife hasn’t seen it yet
She’s a gardener and hasn’t seen the garden backdrop yet. We have a big blue spruce in the back yard. This last weekend I hollowed out some dead stuff on the back side. The raspberry Scrambler is under it on a couple of sawhorses. It’s pretty well protected and out of the sun. You have to be looking for it to see it from the back door. Now to see how long I get away with it without comment.


Under an awning…
…Try for under an awning on the side of your house or garage. Just mount some hooks or foam covered pipe to the outer wall. Make them as high as possible for the most protection.

Brain has a nice simple outdoor rack on his webshots pages


Of course I could always find some space in the barn for your boat. Then Kim and I could paddl*** errr I mean store it for you.

Think Angular
Have you thought of hanging the boat at an angle either on the wall or across the ceiling?


Here in Arizona, anything left outside will degrade!

I built anA-frame from some 2x4, added a few horozontal beams, wrapped close-cell foam over these beams and have a very stable storage rack.

Then I cover it all with a tarp and so far all is well.

Cheap, simple and effective.

Kayak Sak!



Just Google Kayak Covers…

Shady side of house
That is a long kayak.

Keep the rack on the shady side of the house, garage lilac hedge…

Also, I keep an aluminum boat on the top shelf and the royalex canoe on the bottom shelf.

No tarp, guess I’m reckless.

Sunlight isn’t the only offender
Coverage will prevent UV deterioration.

Don’t forget protection from other nasty things. Raise the kayak off the ground and install a cockpit cover to prevent creepie-crawlies and nesting rodents from trashing the cockpit. We store our kayaks in a shed but my husband found mouse poop in his cockpit. He now keeps the cockpit cover on it.

Get the kayak situated so that tomcats can’t climb anywhere near it to spray. You will never be able to get rid of that stench if they do. And one spray is merely the start; all the other so-called stray tomcats will be attracted to it and add to the inital problem.

Mothballs seem to repel skunks and ground squirrels. You could hang some mesh bags full of mothballs near the supports of your kayak rack.