Outdoor locking kayak rack

Hi All
My wife and I live the equivalent of 10 stories above Lake Como, and have been pulling our kayaks down and up the hill on 2-wheeled carts whenever we wanted to go out.

Now our village has offered us a place at the water to keep them.
We would like a double storage rack and storage for paddles, life jackets, etc.
All of this needs to be securely lockable to prevent theft.
And it needs to mount on the ground - no wall or ceiling access.

Anyone have any recommendations for equipment like this?
I have been searching online, and have not found anything like this so far.


For the kayaks, can you just lock them via a deck fitting? Like these folks use. Home

Nor sure I would want to leave the paddles and PFDs with the kayaks. Could make it more attractive for someone to try and steal it all.

These shells are in a fenced area at a local park, involves embedding 4x4 uprights in the ground. If you space the uprights out towards bow and stern, you could snug bicycle cables at either end to keep them from being slide fore and aft. Still not 100% safe, someone with a saw or bolt cutters could remove them. I wouldn’t keep the rest of the equipment out there for @Celia’s reason.

A solution like @Kevberg posted accompanied with a Lasso Lock should be pretty secure. Cables like this are very difficult to cut without something like a rotary carbide cutoff tool, which is pretty noisy, not to mention giving off a shower of sparks.

Like others have said, I wouldn’t leave other gear or paddles there unless you want to invest in an industrial style tool chest like you see on the back of pickup trucks and chain it in place.

A combination of two boats and large chest cabled together would be pretty hard to make off with