Outdoor storage advice - rain cover?

I use a “T” rack for my 2 canoes and 2 kayaks it isout doors in a shaded area. The boats are kept upside down. My swift canoe has all wood trim and is about 20yrs old and is about to get its second set of trim. My kayaks are ok in that respect as they are trimed with vinyl tapes. My Radison canoe is over 40 yrs old and i redid it in full 2 years ago for the first time. The boats all suffer from dust , dirt , sap and whatever the environment throws at them. So regardless of everything else they are always dusty at the least. Water always seems to find a way inside or linger in an uphill inclination. The one thing i saw mentioned here and i would avoid it like the plague is wrapping completely the boat as it would trap moisture and excellerate wood rot and if your climate is like here in Michigan possible cause freeze/thaw damage also.I should probably cover the entire rack with a tarp and just let it hang near the ground.

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