Outdoor Storage of a Canoe

Hi guys, I’m new here and wondering if I can get some advice. I bought a Hellman Duralite canoe w/ ash gunwales this winter, and during the winter I will have it stored indoors in a relative’s garage. However during the paddling season I will be storing it in my backyard for convenience.

There is no spot in my backyard that will provide protection from the sun and rain. I have read that if using a tarp to cover the canoe, to ensure that an air space is allowed so that the tarp doesn’t directly contact the canoe. However, I don’t really want to go that route (of building a wood and tarp shelter) unless absolutely necessary.

I’ve come across some canoe bags ( http://www.danuu.com/html/Products.htm and http://www.cabelas.com/prod-1/0022917016433a.shtml ) that look like they might work. Obviously with these I wouldn’t get that air space around my canoe. I would still use it with a sawhorse style stand, so it would at least be off the ground. Does any one have any experience with these types of bags, or have any recommendations on how to store a canoe when sun and rain exposure can’t otherwise be avoided? Part of my thinking with the bag is that the canoe will at least be protected from UV, and any water that does get in would dry out quickly from the canoe being in direct sunlight.

Help please!


you just need some uv protection
and permeability so the canoe can dry.


if you dont need a full boat bag, go to Walmart and buy polyester jersey; enough to cover your boat and secure the ends by making a twist and secure with rubber band.

What you want is to protect from the sun and sap. Rain doesnt hurt the wood, retained moisture does.

Ok, that makes a lot of sense, especially the last line of your post. Thanks

My Malecite is outside under the eves
but I still get mildew on the wood seats. I had it stored 2’ off the ground and moved it up to 4’. I don’t know if that has made a difference.I wonder if a moisture barrier under the rack would help.